Herbal Leaves

Quality & Manufacture

Honso SST standard extract (botanical concentrates produced according to Japanese specifications) is manufactured in pharmaceutical GMP certified facility in Japan. Every batch of Honso SST extract is tested and certified by the manufacturer to ensure the same specifications and highest quality standard, from selection of the highest grade materials to perfection of proprietary processing techniques that ensure maximum quality and safety. They are tested for key herbal constituents, heavy metals, purity, and microbial content to eliminate any contaminant.

For example, Honso SST is tested by HPLC to contain guaranteed levels of three active compounds:
•     Glycyrrhizin 24.7-46.0 mg/day
•     Baicalin: 110.6-205.6 mg/day
•     Saikosaponin: 6.5-19.7 mg/day

This is the most rigorous way to maintain consistency of quality from batch to batch each time.

Other tests are routinely performed on each lot according to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, including heavy metals, arsenic, and water content and microbiological tests. According to Japanese GMP for importing pharmaceutical materials (GMPi), tests are performed to assurance consistency of herbal species.